Attaching a hanging hook to a finished pinata

I have made a large round pinata out of a balloon, unfortunately it is done, paint and all, and i didnt figure in how to attach a rope to it, any suggestions?

I am making this with my 3 year old preschool class.

Answer from Piñata Boy

You’ll need to cut a door or make a hole in the piñata to put the candy in, right? That’s how you’re going to get the hanging hook inside.

To see what I’m talking about, click over to the Hanging Hook page and scroll down to the Tarantula piñata. With that piñata I cut the side of the piñata open, poked the hanging hook up from the inside, and then closed up the piñata again. You’ll be doing the same thing, but instead of cutting open the piñata and closing it up again, you’ll reach in through the candy door and poke the hanging hook up through the top from the inside. At this point the hanging hook isn’t really a hook — it’s just a straight wire — so you’ll need to bend it around so it doesn’t just fall right back down inside the piñata. Once the hanging hook is bent around onto a loop, it will stay in place.

A couple things to keep in mind: 1) Make sure the cardboard circle of the hanging hook is small enough to fit in through the candy door. If you make it too big, you can probably bend or crunch it a little to get it in. 2) You’ll want to cut the candy door somewhere near the top of the piñata, but not too close to the hanging hook. If your piñata was a globe and the hanging hook is at the north pole, I would cut the candy door somewhere around the Arctic circle.

Good luck!

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