How do you decorate curious George face?

Meaning how do you fix the paper to add his eyes, nose , mouth also how do you make his hand and feet?

Answer from Piñata Boy

If I’m adding eyes and a mouth that are made of something like paper, cardstock, cardboard, or craft foam, I just use ordinary Elmer’s glue (PVA glue) or hot glue to attach them.  Either type of glue works, but hot glue is faster.  Sometimes I have already glued snipped crepe paper over the surface of the piñata, so if I’m gluing something on that has to sit flat against the surface I’ll just tear away the snipped crepe paper where the eyes will go, for example.  But sometimes I fluff up the snipped crepe paper first, then apply some glue to the back of whatever it is ‘m gluing on, and lay it lightly up against the fluffed-up surface.  This makes whatever I’m gluing on “float” on the surface a little.  This works best with lightweight pieces, because the crepe paper snips can’t support a lot of weight before sagging down.

As for the hands and feet, there are any number of ways you can do it.  The easiest way is to simply use rounded balloons for the arms and legs and don’t worry about adding actual hands and fingers.  Just change the color of the decoration like they do with a sock monkey, to imply hands and feet without actually creating them.  If you give Curious George a banana, that will help distract from his not having hands or feet.

Another way you can do it is to cut hands and feet out of cardboard (really just hands because Curious George’s feet are hands), so the rest of the piñata is three-dimensional but the hands and feet are flat.  Hands are almost flat anyway, so this can still result in realistic-looking hands. You can even bend the fingers if you want and apply papier mâché if necessary to stiffen them up and keep them bent.

For the Warlord of Nibblecheese piñata I made more realistic-looking hands by creating fingers out of heavy wire, wrapping them in toilet paper, and stuffing them in latex gloves, but this is not the kind of thing you would want to do with Curious George.

Good luck!

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