How many layers for my pinata?

Second piñata I have ever done. Doing a Dachshund Dog. I used quaker oats round cereal tube box for the body. For the head used plastic bags to form a ball and covered it with paper mache and the snout is a strofom cup. Card board for the tail and ears. Coming along nicely. My question is for how many layers do I need of paper mache? I am also concerned about putting in the hanger as you said so it doesn’t rip through. This will be for adult so I don’t want it to bust the first hit at it. Please advise. I love your site and just started doing this. It is fun!!!!!! Thanks!!!!!!!

Answer from Piñata Boy

The Quaker Oats oatmeal container might be tough enough already (or even too tough) that you might not need to layer it in papier mâché at all. I don’t have a Quaker Oats container here to compare to, but if you think the walls are sturdy enough to hold their round shape when the piñata is hanging and filled with candy, then you can decorate right over the oatmeal container. If you think it might be too tough even for adults to break, you can weaken it by putting in some stab holes with a sharp knife. Good luck!

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