Directions on making the parrot

Your parrot piñata was wonderful . do you have photos of you making it or directions. I would love to make one but I need it soon.

Answer from Piñata Boy

I made the parrot piñata long before I ever imagined setting up a website, and I took very few photos of it. Here’s how I made it, as best I remember:

The head would have been made from a balloon, and the beak formed out of thin cardboard, probably a cereal box. I was only using balloons for the body of a piñata when I made this, so the body may have been two or three round balloons masking-taped together and then wrapped in newspaper and covered in papier mâché. This is how I made the body of the dolphin piñata, but the dolphin had three candy compartments, and the parrot only had one. It might be easier to shape a body out of thin cardboard, just make sure it’s breakable by your players.

For the wings I used two long, thin balloons to form the tops of the wings, and I attached sheets of newspaper which I covered with papier mâché to stiffen them up. If I were doing it today I would use poster board for the wings instead of taking the time and effort to make huge sheets of papier mâché. I made the wings larger than necessary and then cut them to shape them. 

The claws, which you can barely see in the pictures, were made from wire shirt hangers, wrapped in dark yellow crepe paper.

I hope this helps. Good luck!

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