What rope do you use?

I was curious as to what type of rope you use?

Answer from Piñata Boy

Almost any kind of rope will do fine, really. I just went out to my garage and these are the ones I’ve used most recently.

The two ropes on the right are the ones I use most often — they’re 3/8″ diameter and probably some kind of Nylon or cotton/Nylon blend. The middle two I think are clothesline ropes. They’re 1/4″ diameter, but they have a tendency to form annoying little knobs every so often along the rope (you can see these little bumps if you look closely at the photo). The heavier-duty ropes on the left are for super-heavy piñatas. I use a thicker rope for heavy piñatas or if the rope is being thrown over a rough tree limb and might get frayed by friction.

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