Lego Head

Suggestions on what to use to make a lego head? I’ve seen bowls, cardboard and propane tanks. These didn’t come with instructions of how to remove the bowls or tanks.

Answer from Piñata Boy

If you make a piñata by applying papier mâché to a hard object like a bucket or propane tank, the only way to get it off is to cut the papier mâché. This requires you to repait the cut, but this often isn’t as big a problem as it may seem. Normally you would just apply masking tape inside and out, then put on a layer or two of papier mâché to seal it, and the piñata is ready to go. Depending on the piñata, you may even be able to close and reinforce the cut with masking tape alone, and decorate right over it without applying papier mâché.

For a cylindrical object like a LEGO head, you can also use thin cardboard curled into a cylinder, but you’ll want to support the cardboard from the inside with something when you apply papier mâché because thin cardboard absorbs water from the papier mâché and gets wavy. Wrapping the thin cardboard around a paint can or something like that will help prevent that waviness, and give you nice straight sides.

Good luck!

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