How to make a Superman pinata.

How do I make a Superman piñata?

Answer from Piñata Boy

There are a number of different ways you can make a Superman piñata.  Here are just three:

The easiest way might be to make just the Superman symbol.  You can get some thin cardboard from Sam’s or Costco and cut out two copies of the diamond shape on Superman’s chest (one for the front of the piñata and one for the back).  If you want the piñata to be 4″ thick, you would then cut out a long strip of thin cardboard that is 4″ wide, and tape it to the edges of the two diamond shapes to separate them.  Add a hanging hook, apply papier mâché to harden the piñata, and you’re ready to decorate.

If you want to create a Superman character piñata, then you can either try to make one with a humanoid shape, or go for a more cartoonish feel, like Kasia did with this fun Wonder Woman piñata.  It’s made from just a couple of balloons and was turned into Wonder Woman in the decorating.

If you want to make an actual whole-body Superman piñata like this Warlord of Nibblecheese, that’s a much bigger task.  In that case you’ll need to make separate pieces for the head, chest/torso, arms, and legs, and then attach the pieces with masking tape and papier mâché before decorating.  You can make each individual piece using either balloons or thin cardboard depending on what’s easiest for you.  If this is your first piñata, I recommend trying one of the other methods first — you can make a really fun and successful piñata in a lot less time if you keep it simple.

Good luck!

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  1. Kasia

    Hello. I was about to ask this same question lol. My friend just asked me to make one for her daughter’s birthday party (justice League theme). I have already made a Batman piñata for her and looks like she needs more. I think I will make it very similar. Used 2 small size balloons and connected them with a cardboard. In Poland piñatas are not popular and I saw my first piñata in Kuwait where we live now (a girl from States ordered it). I thought I will make one for a party instead of ordering it from USA (shipping so expensive) and so I did. Once you start and you can’t stop!


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