Pinata buster (stick)

Hi I don’t have any wooden sticks to bust the paper mache pinata. Is it okay if I use the kids’ plastic sword or a handmade sword made out of foamboard or cardboard?

Answer from Piñata Boy

The piñata stick will take a real beating, so anything made of foamboard or cardboard is going to break into pieces before the piñata is broken. A plastic sword might work, depending on how sturdy it is. Some other options include a small, lightweight baseball bat, but a full-size baseball bat will often end the piñata too soon. You can often use a wooden broom handle — just unscrew it from the base. The only problem with wooden broom handles is that they are so long that stronger kids can actually break the broom handle against the piñata. You can buy a 5/8″ dowel rod from Home Depot or Lowe’s for under $5 — they usually come in four foot lengths, which is a little long for a piñata stick, but in a pinch they can be used right off the shelf.

Good luck!

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