I started to paper mache my balloon and it dried over night now it’s splitting/cracking what do I do to fix it

It’s cracked and I dont know what to do to fix it thanks in advance

Answer from Piñata Boy

The short answer is just put another layer over it and keep going. You can cover the crack with some masking tape first if you want, to make sure you don’t have a weak spot in the piñata.

Cracking and splitting papier mâché happens all the time, especially if you put it out in the sun to dry, because the sun warms the balloons and they expand. When the balloons coolback  down they shrink to their original size, the cracks mostly close up. I see this most often when I’m making large piñatas like what you have here. Normally I just layer over it again with papier mâché and keep it out of direct sunlight until it’s got a couple dry layers on it and doesn’t split as easily.

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