Square Lego Shaped Piñata


I’m using thin cardboard for a few square piñatas. How much layers of paper mache would you recommend when doing a square piñata with thin cardboard?

Answer from Piñata Boy

When you’re using thin cardboard to make a piñata, the purpose of the papier mâché is just to stiffen the cardboard and keep it from bending under the weight of the candy. So depending on the size of the piñata, one layer of papier mâché might be enough, or if your piñata has a large flat bottom, more layers might be necessary.  If you have enough time to do this, put on one layer of papier mâché and allow it to dry completely, and add the candy.  If the squareness of the piñata doesn’t deform under the weight of the candy, you’re done.

Good luck!

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