For our annual NYE party, I made 4 piñatas for the digits of 2016. ~16″-number balloons were used for the shapes and newspaper wrapped with 2 layers of paper maché and covered with gold & glitter paint and with yellow and red crepe paper around the bottoms like each was on fire. They were filled with little plastic bottles of alcohol. They were a huge hit!

Thanks so much for the guide–couldn’t have done it without it!

PS: I discovered that paper maché mix is quickly smoothened with an immersion blender and I’d mix it straight with that next time as I found whisking only did so much to eliminate clumps.

Submitted by Ricardo Bortolon

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  1. Piñata Boy

    What a great way to end the year! And it was wise to put the alcohol inside the piñata so everyone drinks it AFTER swinging the big stick around. 🙂


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