My friend’s daughter was having an “Under the Sea” birthday pool party. She insisted on having a piñata and the only Little Mermaid one they could find was of Flounder. I took issue with beating lovable Flounder with a stick. I was all about making Ursula so we could beat up the antagonist. I used a punch ball for the base and cardboard for the arms and tentacles. For the suckers on the tentacles I glued on bubble wrap and covered them with crepe paper. The final touches came from the shell necklace and crepe paper hair.

Submitted by Christine D

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  1. Piñata Boy

    How delightfully creepy! I especially love how you did the suckers on the tentacles — that kind of creative problem-solving is one of my favorite parts of piñata-making (the cheaper the better, of course), and your solution to this one was brilliant! I’ll bet the kids attacked Ursula much more enthusiastically than they would have whacked at poor Flounder. Great work!


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