How to dye a piñata to pink color?

I already have baseball piñata but I wanted to change or dye it to pink?

Answer from Piñata Boy

If the piñata is already covered in white tissue paper, I don’t know of a way to dye the paper without destroying it. In the past I have decorated a piñata with crepe paper, then torn off all the crepe paper and decorated over it with a different color. There is no problem doing that as long as you’re not trying to cover a very visible color with white.

But if you’re going to have to remove the tissue paper anyway, then you have nothing to lose by trying something else first. One thing you can do is get a can of pink spray paint and try to give the baseball a light, pinkish hue. You’re not trying to turn the whole thing pink, just apply a light dusting of color that conveys “pink baseball” without going full-on 100% pink. If this works it’ll look great and save you lots of time.

Actually dying the paper pink involves the tissue paper absorbing a pink solution. Although I’ve never tried this, my feeling is that getting the tissue paper that wet would ruin it, and even if you were to successfully turn the paper pink, the wet-then-dried tissue paper might flatten out and look abused.

And if all else fails, just decorate over it with pink.

Good luck!

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