how to support middle

I made a pinata of a snake wrapped around a tree branch but in the middle it is caving in How can I add a support in there I only have two days till it has to be completely finished. I included a picture, you have to use your imagination right now.

Answer from Piñata Boy

If the walls of the piñata are already thick enough and the only problem is that they are caving in, then the quickest and easiest fix is to put a patch over the collapsed part to hide it. In a case like this I would get a cardboard tube like one from a roll of toilet paper or paper towel, or better yet a larger diameter tube from wrapping paper, and round out the collapsed middle section by taping the cardboard tube over it to hide it. You’ll probably have to cut the tube lengthwise to open it up so you can reshape it and adjust the diameter to it fit right over the collapsed section. There will be a hollow section between the cardboard tube patch and the caved in wall underneath, but that’s okay. You don’t need to papier mâché over the patch, just make sure it’s firmly taped on before you decorate.  Once the whacking starts this cardboard tube section will get smashed easily and won’t make the piñata any harder to break.

Good luck!

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