Do you know how to make pull string piñata’s?

You can make piñata to break down and to draw on the ribbons.
(You do not have to break the piñata and you can still keep them)

Do you know how you can make it ?


Answer from Piñata Boy

I have never made a pull-string piñata and have no instructions on this web site for making one, but if you do a Google search for “how to make a pull-string pinata” you’ll see lots of sites that have instructions with photos.

Very briefly, the way to make a pull-string piñata is to start by making a regular piñata, then when the papier mâché is dry, cut a door in the bottom of the piñata by cutting out three sides of a square or rectangle. Then punch small holes in the door and thread the strings through the holes. One of the strings should be firmly attached to the inside of the door, but the rest of the strings are not attached. When a loose string is pulled, nothing happens, but when the attached string is pulled, it pulls the door open and the candy falls out.

The main thing to watch out for when making a pull-string piñata is that since the door is in the bottom of the piñata, it has to close firmly enough that it can support the weight of the candy, but the door must still be able to be pulled open when the right string is pulled. The most common way to keep the door closed is to add a cardboard tab to each side of the square opening on the bottom of the piñata. The cardboard tabs hold the door shut, and when the right string is pulled, the player has to pull strong enough to pull the door past the cardboard tabs. The door and the tabs are all hidden in the decorating so all that is visible is the string hanging from the bottom of the piñata.

Good luck!

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